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Want to sell your house fast? Follow our 15 top tips

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The open market is the most traditional way to sell a house and is already so saturated with eager sellers who are looking to increase their property value and get their home sold quickly. Sometimes it can feel like you’re never going to get your house sold, which is why the moving process is considered to be more stressful than having a baby or changing career paths.

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The cost of a property is only rising and buyers are going to be more and more selective about the accommodation they choose to invest in; for such a high price, buyers will expect the home to ready to live in and for it to have as many modern amenities and conversions as possible. If you’re tired of sitting on the property ladder, desperate to sell your house quick, then you need to think outside the box. You need to make your home attractive to prospective buyers and choose a reliable company that can buy your house without delay and for a great price. If you’re hoping to sell your house quickly, then follow these 15 useful tips and everyone will be more than eager to buy your house:

Try out a house sale service

While estate agents and online property portals are both viable ways to sell your home, they each come with their drawbacks. There’s no denying that local estate agents are great at their job, but they can also be extremely expensive; the cost of hiring one can be high as they will hit you with a variety of legal fees throughout the process. While property portals and estate agents can get your house sold eventually, it might take a long time and you will still be making mortgage payments. However, have you ever considered a third option?

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Sometimes, you really need to sell your home quickly; perhaps you’re desperate to live in your new home or maybe you really need to sell your house to clear a debt. If this sounds like you, then an online house sale service like We Buy Any Home UK could be just the solution you’ve been looking for. On average, it takes 102 days to sell your home; with our services, you can expect to sell your house fast in as little as 7 days. We take the stress out of selling, offering you an upfront and generous cash offer that honestly represents the property you’re trying to sell. Approved by the national association of property buyers, we stick to a strict code of conduct; we won’t surprise you with any hidden costs or costly solicitors fees, and will never charge you throughout the process. Even if you’re not sure, why don’t you give in to your curiosity and get a free quote? You might be surprised at just how high our offer is.

To sell your house fast, focus on your home’s kerb appeal

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When you’re selling your property, first impressions are everything. The exterior of your home is the first thing buyers will see and they can make a snap decision about if they want to live there or not. It doesn’t matter how modern the interiors are, if the outside of your home isn’t polished then this could negatively impact the value of your home. Speaking to the Independent, professional home dresser Trudy Mclindon recommends that sellers “make sure the door is painted and the handles aren’t tarnished” if they want to make a lasting first impression.

When you know a prospective buyer or property evaluator is coming to view your home, then go the extra mile to make sure each detail is perfect. Make sure the bins are kept out of sight for a few hours and take the time to ensure the path and porch are clean. Stand on the kerb and really examine your house; ask if it looks good enough to sell or if there are small details you can tweak to make it even more aesthetically appealing.

Consider hiring a professional house stager

Stage your house for a fast sale - We Buy Any Home UK

If you’ve been trying for months to sell your home, maybe it’s finally time to call upon the professionals. A professional house stager really knows how to dress up a home, increasing its value to any individuals or companies who are interested in buying your property. Don’t just take our word for it, 83% of buyers said staging a home made it easier for them to visualise the property as their future home.

Have you ever seen the flawless homes in property magazines that you just wish you could live in? A professional house stager can make this vision become a reality, making your home the envy of the property market. Even the smallest changes can make your house far more appealing; house stagers try to work with the materials you already have in order to make each room look like a dream that’s been pulled straight from an interior design stock photo. They can look at a room and instantly know how to make it look more spacious, just by moving around furniture. With a focus on cleanliness, house stagers can also help you to organise your belongings before the big move.

Upgrade your home’s amenities

We’re sure you’re desperate for a quick property sale but if you want to get there faster and also increase the overall value of your home, it’s worth updating some of your home’s amenities in order to make them more attractive to potential buyers. These changes don’t need to be drastic and they don’t have to cost a fortune either, but they will make such a difference to the overall appearance and price of the home. Best of all, if you’re short on time and desperate to make a sale, most of these adjustments and modifications can be completed in less than a day.

How long have you had that hallway carpet for? Wooden flooring is an attractive option for any potential buyers, as they instantly make the home look more modern and sophisticated; you can hire a professional to fit it or even do it yourself. Upgrading your windows is also a great option; buyers and those doing house valuations look for double glazed windows as they help to insulate the house and also make the house seem more tranquil and quieter.


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It doesn’t matter how advanced and modern your house is, it’s unlikely to get sold quickly if it’s a complete mess during viewings. You might have the most amazing space, with great lighting and contemporary amenities, but all the potential buyers will notice is the lack of hygiene. Those viewing the home need to envision themselves living in this space and maybe even envision themselves bringing up a family there; this can be hard to envision in a space where dirt and clutter can cloud their judgement. As soon as they enter the home, they will have a negative opinion on your home and only look for more evidence to back up their thoughts.

You might be very busy at work and think that there’s no time to do a deep clean, but it’s important to make the time; consider hiring a cleaner if you have to. Don’t leave any room uncleaned, as those viewing the house will be eager to explore every nook and cranny. Don’t forget, getting organised by cleaning in advance will be helpful when it comes to moving day as you’ll have less rubbish and clutter to sort through.

Lighting is essential

Dark corridors and dimly lit rooms are perfect for a haunted house, but not when you’re trying to sell your home. Lighting is crucial if you want to create a warm and homely atmosphere that potential buyers are drawn to. Don’t just take our word for it, numerous studies suggest that poor lighting can have a significant impact on our mood; when lighting is too low, people reported having low moods.

The next time someone comes to survey your property, create the right mood with your choice of lighting. If it’s a dark and dreary day, make full use out of lamps that will help to brighten corners of the room and make space appear warmer and more comfortable. Your lighting doesn’t always have to be artificial and natural lighting can actually be a unique selling point for your home; open your curtains wide and make sure you’ve thoroughly cleaned the windows so as much light as possible can get through.

De-personalise every room

If you’ve lived in your home or apartment for many years, it’s likely that you’ve accumulated a lot of possessions and objects of sentimental value; this is especially true if you have started a family. Your fireplace and bedroom shelves are likely to be covered in photographs and trinkets that remind you of these happy times and memories. As beautiful as they are in your home, these personal objects should be taken down during house viewings.

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As a buyer walks around, they need to imagine the space as their own and this is difficult to do when the space is already filled with your memories. However, you don’t need to throw these objects away, simply place them in storage; this can be in boxes in your loft or even in a hired storage facility. Best of all, with these objects packed and stored away, packing up the rest of the house will be much easier when you sell your house fast.

Don’t neglect the finer details

You might think that your home is perfectly decorated and furnished but have you ever truly scrutinised your home and searched for even the smallest of issues? Anyone viewing your home is likely to be picky, especially if they are planning on staying in this home for the rest of their lives.

Perfection should be the ultimate goal and the decor in your house should be of the highest standards. If it’s been a long time since you’ve cleaned the skirting boards, give them a once over to ensure that they’re sparkling clean; it might even be worth giving them a fresh coat of paint. The doors in your house can take a beating and it doesn’t take long for them to become scuffed and covered in dirty handprints; it might be worth replacing each door in your home or at least giving them a new coat of paint. This is especially true for the front door, which is the very first thing a potential buyer will see.

Get out of the house

You’ve lived in this home for many years, so you might assume that you’re the best person to show the potential buyer around; however, this isn’t necessarily the case. It’s important to remove the bias from house viewings and let a professional show guests around, or even let them view the house on their own. As passionate and eager as you are to get your house sold, sales might not be your strong point; you could neglect to mention key features of the home and even bring attention to damages or disadvantages of the space.

Once the house is in order and you’re happy with how it looks, take some time to yourself and get out of the house. Perhaps you could go shopping, or spend quality time with friends or family until they have viewed your property. For your own peace of mind, make sure any valuables are safely stored away until the viewing is finished.

Remove any evidence of pets

Your pet is your pride and joy, and we’re sure your life wouldn’t be the same without them; however, a potential buyer might not feel the same about your furry friends. If you want to guarantee a sale, the best option is to get your pets out of the house; you should also consider hiding any toys, bedding, and food bowls. A viewer might be afraid of animals, which will put them on edge while they are walking and admiring your home; their thoughts will be on the animal downstairs, tainting the way they view your home.

Dog in empty house - We Buy Any Home UK

Beyond just fear, a potential buyer could have allergies and be put off by the mere presence of an animal in the house; they might also worry that odours could linger in the carpets. As they explore the home, they might be on the lookout for any scuff marks or damage caused by the animals; they could use this to knock down the value of your home and give you an unfair offer.

Finish the tasks you’ve been putting off for that fast sale

If you’ve been putting off re-shingling the roof or fixing those bathroom lights, now is the best time to do so if you want to sell your house fast. You’ll want to make your home as valuable as possible to potential buyers and they will be on the lookout for any unfinished tasks that they’ll have to spend their own money on when they move in. You might have invested in fancy shelving units for your bedroom or kitchen that are still in their cardboard packaging; unbox them and impress anyone who comes to view the house with modern and new furnishings.

One of the biggest tasks that people put off before moving is cleaning out the shed or garage; there’s no denying it’s a mammoth task, but it’s better to do it sooner rather than later. These spaces are very valuable to some buyers, who might want to convert them into an entirely different room; it will be awkward if they request to see this space, that’s filled to the rafters with junk and is in disrepair. As you sort through your garage or shed, you might come across valuable possessions that you could sell and contribute the money towards moving fees.

Spruce up the back garden

The garden is a very important space for potential buyers so you need to make it as attractive as possible. If a buyer is uncertain about a home, a spacious garden that’s aesthetically pleasing could be the selling point they need to swing a sale. Make sure the fence is free from any holes and consider giving it a fresh coat of paint if you have the time. If there are any weeds around, uproot them, and also remember to clear away any dead leaves. If you have an issue with ants or wasp nests, get in contact with pest control before anyone comes to view the home.

You don’t need to have green fingers in order to transform your garden and all that’s needed is a few colourful plants and flowers to brighten up the outdoor area. Another great idea is to plant some tall trees, as this can make the garden feel more secure and away from the eyes of prying neighbours.

Focus on the kitchen to sell your house fast

Sell house fast with a nice kitchen - We Buy Any Home UK

The moving process is so stressful. First, you have to find the house of your dreams, then spend months packing, and finally organise house viewings in an attempt to get your house sold. Alongside your work and family life, there isn’t much time or money to fix up the house. However, if you’re going to choose just one room to focus on and redecorate, make sure it’s the kitchen. According to a Which? survey, a new kitchen could add 6% (an average of £18,000) in value to your home. A new kitchen costs an average of £8000, so it’s well worth making the investment in the long run.

During the house viewing, make sure to highlight how new the kitchen is, mentioning the key features and modern amenities. If you can afford it, splash out on the latest equipment and gadgets; a wine fridge is highly sought after by homeowners and underfloor heating might also be an attractive option for many.

Take advantage of any easy conversions for fast sales

In 2017, 65% of homeowners chose to stay put and renovate their home instead of selling it. However, if you’re hoping for a quick house sale, spending time on lengthy renovations isn’t always a viable option. However, have you ever looked around your home and considered if there are any easy conversions that can make your home more attractive to buyers without taking up a huge wedge of your time?

Building conservatories and extending your house are obviously out of the question, but there are simpler ways to make your house seem bigger. Certain airing cupboards and alcoves can be knocked down and make the space so much larger and this will only take a day or two for a professional to do. If you have a shed in the garden, it doesn’t take much to turn it into a summer home that will instantly improve the appearance of the garden.

When it comes to finding fast house buyers, think outside the box

Sell your house fast with We Buy Any Home UK

If your house has been on the market for months and you’re yet to secure a sale or even a viewing, you might be posting your house in the wrong places to sell your house fast. Estate agency and for sale signs might have been eye-grabbing years ago, but times have changed and buying a house is much more digital nowadays. In fact, 44% of potential buyers are looking for their perfect house online, so this is where you’ll need to make postings. We Buy Any Home UK take the stress out of looking for buyers, so you don’t have to fret about how to get your house advertisement viewed; we’ll offer you an amazing cash deal so that you can just focus on moving into your brand new home.

If you’ve been searching the internet for ‘fast and easy ways to sell my house’, then hopefully this article answered all of your questions; how many of these amazing tips are you going to try out for yourself? We Buy Any Home UK understand just how complicated the property sales process can be, which is why we offer the seller a simpler solution. With our efficient online valuation service, you can expect a quote for your property in less than 24 hours; our offers might just surprise you, making you wonder why you didn’t use our services earlier to sell your house fast!

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